BattleStadium RF 1.O

A warcraft III modification project made by Aschenz-Kimutech. It was introduced in June 4, 2015 for the Warcraft III. It was uploaded in Epicwar and its was featured cross over version ( Super Mario World, King Of Fighters, Pokemon, Megaman, Slender Man, Minecraft, God Of War and etc. ) with extra characters ( Baby Sasha, Makki, Shirya Hood, Scarlet and Ashleigh ). In BattleStadium RF, up to eight - players  can join and can play five modes Aeon Of Strife, Single Lane, Hero Arena ( you can select how many kills you want ), Destroy Zeed and Attack The Boss ( you can select two different bosses ) with the specific rules of each match being predetermined by the player's and have  a 36 playable characters to play. Artificial Intelligent ( AI ) also included for fun and enjoy to play.
In - game preview #1
In - game preview #2
In - game preview # 3
In - game preview # 4

Well I hope you guys have fun! Thank you for inspiring us specially to the owner of Super Mario, Sonic and other game we inspired.

Cover in Version 1.O
Download Version 1.O
First release version on June 4, 2015Join and pick the character you want to play in the battlefield

Current Size : 7.6O MB


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