BattleStadium RF 1.2

A new version of BattleStadium made by Aschenz-Kimutech. It was updated in May 29,2016 for Warcraft III. It was uploaded in Epicwar and its was featured cross over version ( Super Mario World, King Of Fighters, Pokemon, Megaman, Slender Man, Minecraft, God Of War and etc. ) with extra characters ( Baby Sasha, Makki, Shirya Hood, Scarlet and Ashleigh ). In BattleStadium RF, up to eight - players  can join and can play five modes Aeon Of Strife, Single Lane, Hero Arena ( you can select how many kills you want ), Destroy Zeed and Attack The Boss ( you can select two different bosses ) with the specific rules of each match being predetermined by the player's and have  a 36 playable characters to play. Artificial Intelligent ( AI ) also included for fun and enjoy to play. Thank you for inspiring us specially to the owner of Super Mario, Sonic and other game we inspired.

In - game preview #1
In -game preview #2
Released Date :  May 29, 2016 
Current Size : 7.27 MB

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